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vsss:  Very Simple Speech Services

  This git repository contains a set of tools I use to help in my daily work and life.
  Living with an obscure visual impairment, While i am not totally blind. My condition makes doing simple things like Reading, Driving, and other such tasks difficult to impossible.
  While software to address my needs does exist, it is almost always bloatware designed to lock you into a specific vendor, and is naturally quite expensive
  and the last time a major vendor supported any kind of Unix was, was 27 years ago.
  And as a young hip open source, Professional that just cramps my style :)
  So here for your enjoyment is my attempt to replicate a ten thousand dollar software suite using shell scripts.
  Naturally you will find it works better then Kurzweil, and core dumps less then RW Gold  :)
  WARNING: These tools are by their very nature constantly changing, seemingly every machine i own has it's own local modifications. I make periodic attempts to clean things up a bit. But you may find that these scripts don't work for you as written
  I've tried to comment things obsessively so it's easy customize to suit your needs.
  Just be aware some assembly is required. If you make anything interesting send a pull request my way :)


 -- Matt Arnold Sat, 03 Jan 2015 03:58:18 -0500