Port of openbsd's slowcgi to linux
Add LICENSE file so sourcehut doesn't complain
Add Debian/Ubuntu systemd stuff and simple cgi for debugging
Sync with latest openbsd changes


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Portable version of OpenBSD slowcgi
slowcgi(8) is a FastCGI to CGI wrapper, which allows you to run CGI commands
under web servers which only speak FastCGI, e.g. OpenBSD httpd or nginx.

Version: 6.5

Version numbers will match the OpenBSD version; see their history at

Inspired by the FreeBSD port at <https://github.com/koue/slowcgi>, and
ported to Linux by making use of libbsd <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/> and
an implementation of getdtablecount(2) by Duncan Overbruck

The "portable" name is currently not very accurate as this has only been built
on Linux (glibc & GNU make).

LICENSE: As part of the OpenBSD project, slowcgi is covered by the ISC license.
All modifications are released under the same license.

Patch series numbering:
patch-00x: issues affecting OpenBSD also, preferably reported to them
patch-01x: general portability patches
patch-1xx: distro-specific patches

Build deps: pkg-config libevent-devel libbsd-devel
Technically can be built without pkg-config, but it simplifies things.

All files in dist/ are unmodified upstream sources.

  [sudo] make install [prefix=...] [mandir=...]

To build an RPM:
  make tarball
  rpmbuild -ta slowcgi-$version.tar.gz
The RPM includes a systemd service, which reads /etc/sysconfig/slowcgi for
program options, if present.

I've added a contrib/ directory which has a systemd unit file for Debian/Ubuntu.
As well as a sample.c which gives a basic known working cgi in C useful for debuging