The Pacer ADHD aide
Final build of this version of the project
New playlist feature for testing
fat finger undo


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An ADHD aide. Keeps track of large blocks of time in terms of smaller divisions say you need to focus for 20 minutes, the timer will keep track of five minute increments this won't show you how much time is left. Rather it will play a background music track in a loop. Beep to signal the end of a short division. And play a victory music track when time has expired. Not showing a countdown timer is considered the key feature


Look in config.lua. I can't distribute any of the sound files I'm using for Copyright reasons. You will have to supply your own. There is a meanieMode that i don't reccomend setting yet. It will be designed to make it as unpleasent as possible to use the computer while the timer is running. Right now it just makes the window full screen but who knows what i may try in the future.

Author: Matt "Piusbird" Arnold License: MIT