Mastertext is a content addressable full text search api in python
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Mastertext is a very much prealpha small to medium corpus free form text storage,search, and retrieval engine. It is intended to help in things like mind mapping, time tracking, research, creative writing... Look I'm just building the ultimate organizational tool for people with minds like mine. So if you think having a searchable archive of most of what you've read, over the past five years is a good thing congratulations your neurodivergent.

Anyway this is intended to be wrapper around SQLite's Full Text Search 5 with a few bells, and whistles for large database (~ 2GB or so). Inserting data via the API provides deduplication support.

#How to use

python3 -m venv <whatever>
source <whatever>/bin/activate
sqlite3 master.db < schema.sql
<edit your .env file and change the path's to your needs> 
./mt.py etl <directory-full-of-text-files>
./mt.py migrate-add-users <your-desired-username>

Sorry no installer yet, after etl has run you can explore via web.py or the command line. The web interface is more full featured at the moment

mklip.py is a custom dbus service to integrate this with my other project vsss. Basically it's a read only clipboard manager that dumps the content of clipboard into a mastertext object everytime the getClipboardContents method is called, before returning the content to the user. If you can find a use for it outside of my custom text to speech system do let me know. :)

Please See privacy.md for important privacy information