Improve image element render
Updated auth package
Updated fs storage
Some safety null operators sprinkled around
Show metadata on objects when viewing them directly
Updated activitypub package with default case for the item typer
Updated filters package with improved IsItemIRI
Removed unused webfinger function
Updated activitypub package with improved NaturalLanguageValue json encode
Updated lit-js
Reordered how we assign image and icon colors to the palette
Updated go-ap dependencies
Making the toolbar smaller
Small improvements to display actors in collections as single line
Improve systemd listener
Moving the shadow css to the link entries fragment
Added some background color to the logo

This prevents the fully transparents areas of it showing too much of the image behind
Improve contrast on main actor URL links

Used the same transparent accented background for collection tabs and added text shadow for them
Updated processing package with more logging for request signing
Updated fs storage package