Small cleanup of LoadFromSearch contexts
Simplified some messages and removed some old writeX methods from item rendering
Add an ASCII art model for displaying text on the pager panel when there's no valid object selected
Fix showing errors when unable to convert IRIs to Object when displaying item model
Improve glob pattern for cmd go files
Added support for pperf
Removed loading a node's dependencies asynchronously
Fix before/after cursor filters
Updated dependencies
Improvements to statusbar ticker
Noop should be nil to avoid unneeded updates
Don't assume states on root nodes
Improved logo rendering
Don't downcast to Object when initializing storage with root actors
Reorganized how we load storage and urls
Update makefile to not expect version being passed from environment
Clean path of url of top level actor
Improve fs storage to allow for oni storage
Improve errors displayed in the status bar
Making the status error not be a state, but require an explicit error being set