Padding the pager contents
Create a pagerNode model as this section will have some interactivity
Remove some old code
Dispatch paint messages to statusbar and pager
Show dimmed collections if they don't have any child elements
Some 'improvements' to the statusbar
Use reflow.Margin for padding
Removed more stuff we don't use
Fixed not showing multi-language LangRef values
Updated bubble-trees again
Updating cursor when resizing or moving between panes
Updated bubble-tree model package
Properly setting the cursor after bluring
Use same colour for borders and selected item in tree
Improving the borders for focused non-focused pane
Remove creating so many goroutines for each item property, we can load them in the same one
This feels like a terrible solution to syncing node state
Create a paintMsg type to redisplay current item after successfully loading its dependents
Doing some spinning
Switching parameters around to make it easier to load multiple IRIs asynchronously