Link aggregator inspired by reddit using ActivityPub federation.
371249b3 — Marius Orcsik a day ago
Avoid a nil dereference if submittedBy is unset
76b68ba0 — Marius Orcsik a day ago
Improve how we display instance follows
86c3fcb4 — Marius Orcsik a day ago
For remote IRIs just load them individually, insteda of trying to use the logic for fedbox instances


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This project represents a new attempt at the social link aggregator service. It is modelled after (old)Reddit, HackerNews, and Lobste.rs trying to combine the good parts of these services while mapping them on the foundation of an ActivityPub generic service called FedBOX.

It targets small to medium communities which ideally focus on a single topic. At the same it allows the community to reach other similar services and the rest of the fediverse ecosystem through the ability to federate.

The community can be built using an invitation based model, where a user shares the responsibility for moderating the other accounts they invited to the service. The moderation actions are kept public and presented in an anonymized layout.

Built using a performant stack, and with minimal dependencies, it tries to provide an easy out of the box installation.

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