Adding first elements of how to use the query params in collection filtering
Started work on FEP-6606

Mainly backporting the C2S document from FedBOX

Adding grammar details for the new URL Query parameters with filters
Receive FEP-400e.
f94077e1 — Grishka 7 months ago
Add fep-400e
Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Finalize' (#14) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:fep-a4ed-finalize into main

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Reviewed-by: lain <lain@soykaf.club>
Reviewed-by: cjslep <cjslep@gmail.com>
Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Fix typo' (#15) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:fep-a4ed-typo into main

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fep-a4ed: Fix typo
FEP-a4ed: Finalize
Merge pull request 'FEP-a4ed: Updates 3' (#13) from pukkamustard/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:list-in-readme into main

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Reviewed-by: cjslep <cjslep@gmail.com>
README.md: Add note on the tracking issue.
ISSUE_TEMPLATE/tracking_issue.md: Add template for tracking issue
fep-a4ed: Increase time after which FEP becomes auto-withdrawn to 120 days.
README.md: Add table of FEPs.
db519b13 — cjslep 9 months ago
Merge pull request 'Update FEP-f1d5 with latest feedback' (#9) from cjslep/Fediverse-Enhancement-Proposals:main into main

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Reviewed-by: pukkamustard <pukkamustard@posteo.net>
d634a88e — cjslep 9 months ago
Add caveat for `software.version`

Mike pointed out that forcibly divulging `software.version` data is
potentially a security issue. I am not quite sure I completely
understand, but since he feels stronger about it than I, I want to be
sure to include it.
6cf13100 — cjslep 9 months ago
Additional usage.users feedback

Mike provided the insight that NodeInfo ties user identity to a single
specific instance for the purposes of total user counts and user
f45c73b8 — cjslep 9 months ago
Clarify alternatives are illustrative, not prescriptive
656b9750 — cjslep 9 months ago
Add Smithereen as a server side NodeInfo implementer
Merge branch 'cj-main' into main
44519099 — cjslep 9 months ago
Update reference to RFC 2119