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A dumb trello cli with shortcuts.


Get the repo and run pipenv install in it.

Yeah, I know you want a binary, I will package this thing, shut up for now.

Authenticate yourself:

export TRELLO_API_KEY=<api_key>
export TRELLO_TOKEN=<your_token>

Go get them on trello now!

And, that's it, you are good to go.


As for now, the workflow is: select a board, view things, edit cards in your browser.

Here is the usage:

b [<board_shortcut>]
    shows the boards you can access
    with board_shortcut you can select the board you want to work with

l [<list_shortcut>]
    shows the board you have currently selected
    with list_shortcut you can show a single list

c <card_shortcut> [o]
    shows the card infos
    with o it opens the card shortUrl with your default application (launch xdg-open)

g <api_path>
    make a direct api call adding auth params automatically (for debugging/hacking purpose)


I know, It's nothing fancy, I just started it to check some trello stuff directly in the terminal, and eventually edit them.