A dumb Trello cli with shortcuts
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Open selected board in browser



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A dumb trello cli with shortcuts.


Get the repo and run pipenv install in it.

You don't have pipenv installed?

(Here is how you can get it, but usually is a pip install --user pipenv)

Yeah, I know you want a binary, I will package this thing, bear it for now.

Authenticate yourself by putting these variables in you environment:

export TRELLO_API_KEY=<api_key>
export TRELLO_TOKEN=<your_token>

Go get them on trello!

Now link the trl script in your PATH. It's a bash script that wraps the underneath python call. Feel free to hack it or use something else.

Aaaand, that's it, you are good to go.


As for now you can do basic stuff.

Here is the usage (check trl -h too):

trl b [<board_shortcut>]
    shows the boards you can access
    with board_shortcut you can select the board you want to work with

trl l [<list_shortcut> [<list_shortcut>]]
    shows lists and cards in the board you have currently selected
    with list_shortcut you can show cards of a single list

trl ll
    shows only the board's lists

trl c <card_shortcut> [o | m <list_shortcut> | e]
    shows the card infos
    with o it opens the card shortUrl with your default browser
    with m and a target list you can move the card to that list
    with e you can edit the card title and description in your $EDITOR

trl c n <list_shortcut>
    pops your $EDITOR to create a new card in the list specified by list_shortcut

trl g <api_path>
    make a direct api call adding auth params automatically (for debugging/hacking purpose)


Shortcuts are derived from boards and cards names and short urls and from lists names and ids (lists does not have short urls).

So to move the card Architecture design to the list Done you get something like this:

trl c arch m done

Everything is kept lowercase, holding shift is a pain in the ass.


I know, It's nothing fancy, I just started because I have to use Trello and I wanted to check some stuff directly from the terminal, and eventually edit them or open them in the browser.