A minimal cli IRC client.
Cleanup iii history files on exit
Channel sync job persist detaches


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A cli IRC client that is merely a wrapper to ii and iii.

#Use case

iir is intended to be used with an irc bouncer like soju or znc.

It assumes you connect to one network (the bouncer).


Get the external dependencies (see below) and set the following env vars:



iir start | stop
    main operations
iir l
    lists what channels you are in
iir c [channel]
    opens a chat with the network or a channel
iir o [channel]
    prints (cat) the raw output file of the network or a channel
iir ui
    launch a screen session and keeps active channels in it
iir r
    reattaches the ui (the screen session) to the current terminal

Once you are in a channel you can type :q or :x to exit (see iii docs).

When you are in the screen session you can type ^B ^h to get a list of chats, and ^B q to quit.

#External dependencies

You have to install or put in your PATH those things:


ii is a minimal irc client from suckless community (thanks!), you can get it, make it and put the bin in your PATH.

#socat, rlwrap and screen

You can usually find them as packages of your distro.

#Why "iir"

Don't wanna call it iiii.

You can think of it as "irc it 'rapper", lol.


iii is a work from c00kiemon5ter (thanks!), you can get the original here.

iir use the awesome chat frontend, slightly modified.