A tree-sitter parser for the GSP language
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This is a tree-sitter parser for the GSP language. It has complete support for the GSP grammar including the ‘>’ node prefix that existed before GSP v3. This repository also comes with queries for syntax highlighting, code folding, indentation, etc., as well as automatic filetype detection for Neovim.

#Neovim Support

If you would like to use this parser in Neovim, the following configuration is required. Also good to note is that the Neovim plugin adds two additional text objects, @node and @text. The former matches on entire nodes, while the latter matches on the text within a {-…} or {=…} construction.

#Plugin Installation

The plugin installation syntax will depend on your package manager. To install the plugin via Packer, do the following. This will enable the syntax highlighting amongst other things, and automatic filetype detection.

use 'https://git.sr.ht/~mango/tree-sitter-gsp'

#TS Parser Installation

The Tree-Sitter parser needs to be specified manually in your nvim-treesitter configuration. The following should be sufficient. When you’re done, simply run :TSInstall gsp

local config = require('nvim-treesitter.parsers').get_parser_configs()
config.gsp = {
	install_info = {
		url = 'https://git.sr.ht/~mango/tree-sitter-gsp',
		files = {'src/parser.c'},
	filetype = 'gsp',