A minimal cli utility for safe mass moving/renaming of files
Add the ‘-b’ flag to only alter path basenames
Document the fallback backup directory
Support empty XDG_CACHE_HOME environmental variable



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#mmv, mcp — mapped file moves and -copies

The mmv and mcp utilities is a command-line tool to help you easily and safely perform complex file copies, -moves, and -renamings. Unlike almost all file renaming tools I have seen online, these utilities do not limit you to using specific built-in functions which offer only part of the functionality one might need. These utilities also try to be as safe as possible — you would be amazed at how many file renaming tools lose your data when you try something as simple as swapping two files.


Installation is very easy. This is written in Rust, so it’s assumed you have cargo installed on your system.

$ make
$ sudo make install

The following environment variables can also be set at compile-time to modify the names of the generated binaries:

    • The name of the file-moving binary (default is mmv). This is also used to name the backups folder in $XDG_CACHE_HOME.
    • The name of the file-copying binary (default is mcp).

If you are compiling with a custom binary name, you want to make sure that the environment variables actually get used when performing a make install. If you’re using sudo, you want to do this with the -E flag.

$ MMV_NAME=mmv-rs MCP_NAME=mcp-rs make
$ MMV_NAME=mmv-rs MCP_NAME=mcp-rs sudo -E make install

#Examples and Documentation

To avoid repeating myself everywhere, if you would like to see usage examples and documentation I highly suggest reading the included manual page or reading the extended documentation on my website.


Contributions, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome! You are free to open GitHub issues, email me, or do whatever else you want. I do ask however that contributions be made either on sourcehut or via git send-email to ~mango/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. The git repositories on GitHub and my own personal site exist purely as read-only mirrors.