A few blocks to get you started with UF forth on the Varvara computer
Add randomize so it works on UF v9
Key and accept for ufx.rom
Fix v8 rom name


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#Enjoying forth

Some UF forth examples to get started

This is not a forth or uxn tutorial, there are already great resources for that. It is just a few forth blocks with practical examples so you can start drawing, making some noise, writing files or creating animations early.

Hopefully this will let you enjoy forth in Varvara without much hussle.


The blocks in this repo are made to work in UF forth wich runs on the uxn's Varvara computer. So we need to get uxn and UF forth first.

Go to https://100r.co/site/uxn.html and follow the download link for your platform. You'll get a ton of uxn wonders in about a hundred kb compressed folder.

Extract it and take note of the path to the uxnemu executable in your system.

Then, you can get a precompiled UF.rom at http://www.call-with-current-continuation.org/uf/uf.html or Get the source code and follow README.md to compile your own. Again, take note of where in your system ufx.rom is.

With everything in place we can now launch UF inside this directory with:

<path to uxnemu> <path to ufx.rom>

Once in the UF repl load all the blocks with 1 12 thru and go to the index with Index.

Enjoy! :)


There are two documents I have allways open while playing with UF:

Varva's Docs and UF's GLOSSARY file.

If you don't know forth the canonical way for mending that is Starting FORTH by Leo Brodie.

For learning how to program in uxntal (varvara's assembly language) I can't recomend you enough the uxn tutorial at compudanzas.net.

For more uxn awesomnes well, awesome uxn is certainly the place to go.


You can find me on the fediverse as maleza at merveilles town or send me a mail over maleza [at] tilde [dot] team.