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Redirect NixNG to GitHub and remove ra-containers

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#+ATTR_CTAG: project
#+ATTR_CLINK: https://gitea.redalder.org/Magic_RB/NixNG
#+ATTR_CLINK: https://github.com/MagicRB/NixNG
#+ATTR_CIMAGE: /icons/nix-ng-greener-no-gradient.svg
#+BEGIN_SRC fundamental
  A NixOS derivative with simpler design, currently replacing systemd with runit,
  aiming to deliver lighter systems and containers.

#+ATTR_CTAG: project
#+ATTR_CLINK: https://gitea.redalder.org/RedAlder/ra-containers
#+ATTR_CIMAGE: /icons/nix-flake.svg
#+BEGIN_SRC fundamental
  Nix built, fully declarative and configurable container images. They are similar in
  function to the official Docker container images and have similar APIs therefore are
  a convenient replacement for your existing images, if you need more Nix in your