magic_rb's personal dotfiles including Emacs and NixOS.
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Enable wireplumber
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Redo dunst config
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More xmonad keybindings and menus


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This repo contains my dotfiles, you'll find the NixOS configurations for all my machines that are running NixOS and home-manager configs for those that are not. Next you'll find my Emacs configuration and the Hashicorp stack. Lastly there are a few random thingies that aren't big enough to mention, but still cool if you're interested in them.


  • nixos/ - configuration files related to NixOS itself
    • hardware/ - configuration files specific to the hardware of my physical machines
    • modules/ - reusable NixOS modules of varying quality
    • profiles/ - machine profiles, like vps or workstation, they apply settings to a group of machines
    • secret-lib/ - a library bridging the gap between my public and public configuration
    • systems/ - the actual system configurations
  • nix/ - legacy junk I need to clean up
  • home-manager/ - configration files related to home-manager
  • modules/ - flake-parts modules that drive this flake
  • overlays/ - nixpkgs overlays, some are just imports and slight modifications of externals overlays
  • org/ - once again legacy junk I need to clean up
  • secret/ - submodule containing the secret parts of my dotfiles
  • terraform/ - the Terraform configuration driving the mostly HashiCorp infrastructure in my configuration


This project follows REUSE so all files have their own specific license. But as of writing this, the only license in use is LGPLv3.0. The project root contains a COPYING and COPYING.LESSER as required for the proper use of the LGPL license.