Compatibility with Editor 1.3.0
Fix missing char
Adapted to last Stapy release
Links to git hosting services updated
Stapy link updated
Screenshot added
Updated for Stapy 1.14.0
Block names updated
Useless uppercase removed
StaPy 1.10.0 compatibility
tmp directory added
Favicon link added
Useless robots file deleted
Copyright removed
Improved readability of json
Use of new 1.7 features
39dd4135 — magentix 2 years ago 1.4.0
Merge pull request '1.6.0-compatibility' (#1) from 1.6.0-compatibility into master

Reviewed-on: https://codeberg.org/magentix/stapy-dusk/pulls/1
gitignore added
Fix description
StaPy 1.6 compatibility