Compatibility with Editor 1.3.0
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Updated for last Stapy release
Links to git hosting services updated
Stapy link updated
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Updated for Stapy 1.14.0
Block names identifier updated
Useless uppercase removed
StaPy 1.10.0 compatibility
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Useless robots file deleted
Copyright removed
Improved readability of json
Use of new 1.7 features
0ff10fb5 — magentix 2 years ago 1.4.0
Merge pull request '1.6.0-compatibility' (#1) from 1.6.0-compatibility into master

Reviewed-on: https://codeberg.org/magentix/stapy-breeze/pulls/1
gitignore added
StaPy 1.6 compatibility
Use "Liberation Sans" instead of "Nimbus Sans" on Unix