ab905674b933841f10e79d90fbab2b0dc292f6de — Marek Marecki 7 months ago 04fb084 devel master v0.3.0
Merge v2 to the development branch, making it semi-official

The v2 code is stable enough if you don't try to hurt it too much, and
don't look at it funny. I guess that's enough for devel: people can use
it, but if it occasionally breaks... no harm, no foul, it's still an
early release, alphish-state software. You can't expect it to be
*rock-solid* at this stage, and I never promised that.

Anyway, v2 is now the semi-official main release of Viuact.

(More like 0.3.0 than v2, but I digress.)
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M viuact/__init__.py
M viuact/__init__.py => viuact/__init__.py +1 -1
@@ 1,4 1,4 @@
__version__ = '0.2.7'
__version__ = '0.3.0'
__commit__ = 'HEAD'
__code__ = 'CODE'