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Release 0.4.0

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Release 0.2.3

Only minor changes in this release:

- better sluffigication,
- ordering by priority in "ls" command,
- ability to define default format for "slug" command,
- chaining multiple issues using single command,
- chain-on-open using "--chain-to" option,
- filtering by "chained-to" status,

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Release 0.2.2

Small fixes and features.

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Release 0.2.1

Several major features, some bugfixes.

The most notable changes in this release are new commands:

- "chain link" which allows chaining issues (providing means of creating milestones),
  if an issue has another one chained to itself and that other one is not closed the
  base issue cannot be closed,
- "tag ls" for listing available tags,
- "work start" and "work stop" commands for tracking how much time was spent on an issue,

Smaller features:

- "tag new --missing" command which will automatically create all
  tags found in issue objects but not present as tag objects
- "show --index" command indexes the issue before displaying it,
- "work -i/--in-progress" for displaying in-progress issues,

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Release 0.2.0

Gradual improvements to functionality and small features.

Implemented indexing after fetch with "fetch --index".
Implemented "param" command for setting custom parameters on issues.
Parameters set with "param" command are available to slug formats.
Implemented "show log" command for displaying log of issue diffs.
Commits SHA1s are expanded in "close --git" option.

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Release 0.1.4

Introduces "exchange" node types and
two new commands - "index" and "publish".
Operations on issues are stored as separate diffs, providing
means of conflictless sharing.



- new key: "project.name" with descriptive name of the project,
- new key: "project.tag" with taggified project name, for automatic issue tagging,

open command:

- SHA1's are printed only when --verbose is passed during open,

init command:

- --up option for upgrading repositories,
- --exchnage option for marking repositories as exchanges,
- explicitly marked --force and --up options as conflicting,

close command:

- fix: issues cannot be "reclosed",

publish command (new)
index command (new)

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Release 0.1.3


More filtering options in "ls" command.

- time periods can be specified using --since and --until options:
- author filtering with --author option,
- keyword filtering with modifiers (-kw, +kw, =kw, ^kw),

Issue UID abbreviation to shortest uniquely identifying strings,

Notion of "last active issue".
Workflow speed can be enhanced by using the
context-sensitive --last option to perform various actions without
specifying issue UID.

New configuration key: "default.time.recent".

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Release v0.1.2


Code has been refactored.

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Release 0.1.1


Better output of "show" command.

Information about opening and closing authors stored inside issue files.
Opening date stored inside issue files.

Better "slug" command, "--format" option is more useful now.

Better error reporting for ambiguous issue IDs.
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