Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/marekjm/issue

About the config file
Fix statistics command
Update to version 0.3.0
Merge branch 'devel' of https://github.com/marekjm/issue into devel
Fix: do not crash when displaying statistics of unindexed issues

Instead of crashing display error message and a note how to fix it.
Get closing timstamp from Git commit if available

To get a more accurate closing times and reuse the information that Git
already has.
Fix colorisation for ambiguous or unmatched issue UID
Do not display comment thread by default

When the comment thread gets long it can be pretty distracting; you
expect to see issue details but instead of shown several screens of

Comment thread can be displayed using the "--comments" option, like

    $ issue show --comments <issue>
Improve readability of comments
Fix crash when repository is not found

Instead of an exception trace print an error message (shamelessly
ripped-off Git's message).
Fix: create comments directory if it does not exist
Fix: the "months" modifier is no longer allowed for issue filtering

The `datetime.timedelta` interface has changed and no longer allows
passing "months" as an argument.
Fix repository upgrade command

It was not creating the necessary "log/" directory.
Fix: replace old path names with utility function calls

Paths inside issue repository are now found using utility functions
instead of being defined by global variables.
Merge branch 'devel' of github.com:marekjm/issue into devel
Use Vim's gitcommit formatting for issue messages and comments

The input file format is based in Git's format anyway so reusing that
formatting makes perfect sense.
Fix the default slug to use hyphens instead of slashes

Using slashes conflicts with directory separator and proved to be
problematic in repositories which contained "issue" directory.
Provide median lifetimes of issues
Sort issues by their titles, not UIDs