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@@ 71,13 71,14 @@ reduce distractions to minimum.

Consider these steps:

- `issue open "Crash on big numbers"` - open an issue
- `issue open "Crash on big numbers"` - open an issue,
- `git checkout -b $(issue slug --git deadbeef)` - create new branch using
  branch name generation
- `gdb ./a.out` - debug the program
- `vim ...` - create a patch
- `git commit -m 'Fix the crash on big numbers'` - commit the fix
- `issue close -g HEAD deadbeef` - close the issue
  branch name generation (or use `issue slug -BC deadbeef`)
- `gdb ./a.out` - debug the program,
- `vim ...` - create a patch,
- `git commit -m 'Fix the crash on big numbers'` - commit the fix,
- `issue close -g <git-commit> deadbeef` - close the issue (you can use a Git
  commit hash, or `HEAD` to specify commit)

Two additional commands to open and close an issue.

@@ 351,6 352,37 @@ Every node in the network operates as a peer to others, and there is no central 


## Configuration

Configuration file is located in `~/.issueconfig.json`.
See `sampleconfig.json` for a minimal configuration file.

### Slug formats

          "slug.format.default": "@foo"
        , "slug.format.foo": "foo-issue-{short_uid}-{slug}"

To add format `foo` add a `slug.format.foo` key to your config.
Keys available in the format string are:

- `short_uid`: inserts short UID of the issue
- `parent_short_uid`: inserts short UID of the parent issue
- `slug`: inserts slug of the issue

### Prevent branching from non-master branches

        "slug.allow_branching_from": [ "master", "devel" ]

Use the `slug.allow_branching_from` configuration value to set the branches from
which creating new branches is allowed. Issue will complain if you try to create
a branch (using `issue sl -B`) from a branch not on this list.


## License

Issue is published under the GNU GPL v3 license.

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@@ 0,0 1,7 @@
      "author.email": "john.doe@example.com"
    , "author.name": "John Doe"
    , "slug.format.default": "@foo"
    , "slug.format.foo": "foo-issue-{short_uid}-{slug}"
    , "slug.allow_branching_from": [ "master", "devel" ]