A small system information bar.
Update README to reflect current state and usage
Implement command line argument parsing and configuration
Make the Draw trait take a reference to State


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#tid — a small system information bar

screenshot of tid in action

This little program is slightly under construction. It is intended for my personal use, but by now it is getting polished enough that it may be useful to others as well. Further improvements will come, especially based on problems from users beyond myself. I am enjoying it a lot and it fits my needs.

(See also, accompanying labbook entry.)


git clone https://git.sr.ht/~ma3ke/tid
cd tid
cargo install --path .
sudo mkdir /etc/tid
sudo cp -r fonts /etc/tid/fonts

(I may put these operations into a makefile or shell script at some point, but it's quite trivial.)

#usage & configuration

As of now, tid can be configured through command line arguments.

  • Want to change the font? Fonts can be specified through command line arguments. Use, for example, the --font-name geneva12.uf2 or --font-path /etc/tid/fonts/geneva12.uf2. Currently, the supported font formats are uf2 and psf2. For instance, here you can see tid running with the beautiful Sun12x22.psfu font. Note that uf2 fonts require a .uf2 extension to be accepted, while psf2 can be recognized through its magic number.

  • Want to change the color? You can set the foreground and background color by providing a 0x{r}{g}{b}{a} formatted hex string as parameters after the --fg and --bg flags, respectively. For example,

    tid --fg 0xcc33aaff --bg 0xffffff00

    will set the foreground to a dark magenta and the background to white transparent, like this. By default, the background is black and transparent (if supported), and the foreground white.

#full usage information

    tid [OPTIONS]

    --font-name -n    Set the font name from the default directory.
                      (default: 'cream12.uf2' in '/etc/tid/fonts')
    --font-path -p    Set the font path.
    --fg              Specify the foreground color as an rgba hex string.
                      (default: 0xffffffff)
    --bg              Specify the background color as an rgba hex string.
                      (default: 0x00000000)
    --version   -v    Display function.
    --help      -h    Display help.


The background should be transparent, but it may not be depending on your window manager. For example, my installation of hikari does not support transparency. But on bspwm (X11), the transparency works fine.

Thanks <3 ma3ke