no-nonsense shell scripts
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#no-nonsense shell scripts

This is a set of (mostly Linux-specific unless stated otherwise) various useful shell scripts that aim to be lightweight and portable across different shells. All scripts were tested on busybox sh and oksh. The list is going to be updated from time to time. Please see the source code comments for usage guides.

#Current script list

  • nnwifi.sh: easily set up a WiFi connection (depends on ip, iw, wpa_supplicant and udhcpc)
  • nnlight.sh: control laptop screen brightness (depends on nawk or other AWK command)
  • nnstatus.sh: output useful status information to dzen2 panel (Xorg-specific but can be rewritten to use any other panel of your choice, depends on nawk or other AWK command, iw for WLAN stats, amixer for volume controls and xkb-switch for keyboard layout controls)


All scripts in this repo were created by Luxferre starting from 2023 and released into public domain.

Made in Ukraine.