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Invoking `nne` without arguments just creates a new buffer. You can specify a file name to open. If the file name doesn't exist, it will be created on the first save.

### Status bar

The status bar in nne is the last line of the terminal. Some operations may change its contents, but normally it consists of the following elements: `[state] [filename] [row],[col] [file%] [W]x[H]`, where:

- `[state]` can be `-` (normal/insertion) or `C` (modal command),
- `[filename]` refers to the file currently being edited,
- `[row],[col]` display the current in-document cursor position (1-based),
- `[file%]` displays the approximate percentage of the position relative to the entire file length,
- `[W]x[H]` show current terminal width and height (in characters).

### Controls

Controls in nne are semi-modal and use a modifier `mod` which stands for double-pressing the Esc key. So, for instance, `mod w` in the table below actually means `Esc Esc w` sequence. When the editor is in the modal command state, the character in the lower-left screen corner will change from `-` to `C`. To abort the command, press `mod` (`Esc Esc`) one more time.