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Fixed example for GNU Screen
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@@ 90,7 90,7 @@ This functionality is too OS/environment-specific and thus can't be built **into
- for Linux + X11 GUI: `export BOPHER_CLIP='xsel -bi'`
- for Linux + Wayland (with `wl-clipboard` package): `export BOPHER_CLIP=wlcopy`
- for macOS: `export BOPHER_CLIP=pbcopy`
- for GNU Screen environment (on any OS): `export BOPHER_CLIP='(read -rsd$'\x04' x; screen -X register . "$x")'`
- for GNU Screen environment (on any OS): `export BOPHER_CLIP='xargs -0 screen -X register .'`

Even then, this functionality isn't guaranteed to work on any system. Please verify by yourselves how your operating environment handles the clipboard and adjust this variable accordingly.