my Guix channel
remove meli it was a jank packaging job anyway
remove meli cause it's mostly broken in this state anyway
update tuba to nightly :3


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A Guix channel for my programs, as well as various other shit I like having.

some notable things what have been packaged are:

  • uxntal/varvara programs & ecosystem
  • pinephone compat!
  • minecraft-for-wayland patches
  • cool fonts
  • mastodon client
  • my programs

#channel defn

  (name 'waggle)
  (url "https://git.sr.ht/~lunabee/waggle")
  (branch "trunk")
        "4DA1 9E0B 4161 3198 F4F5  9D9C 1A5A 96AD 307C D736"))))


  • aarch64-linux-musl-gcc: cross-gcc for aarch64-linux-musl
  • accordionfucker: accordion-keyboard softsynth
  • arm-trusted-firmware-p-boot: atf compiled with p-boot patches
  • crusted-atf-pinephone: atf+crust combined blob for p-boot
  • crust-pinephone: deep sleep firmware for pinephone
  • dexe: graphical hex editor and uxn disassembler
  • donsol: card-based dungeon crawler
  • font-azarmehr-mono: monospace arabic font
  • font-scientifica: cool tiny monospace bitmap font. great for 4x 80cols
  • fyed: sed, tee, and cat but with no buffers
  • glfw-wayland: glfw with minecraft and wayland patches for mc on sway
  • incr: i++ a file
  • linux-pinephone: megi's kernel patches + config for pinephone
  • meli: rust tui email client
  • orca-toy: uxn version of orca musical livecoding environment
  • p-boot: pinephone bootloader
  • playerpiano: command triggerer on input events
  • tooth: gtk mastodon client
  • utype: text autotyper using input events
  • uxn-next: uxn toolchain and emulator with newer instructions


  • binfmt-misc: prereq for uxn-binfmt if qemu-binfmt isn't used
  • playerpiano: use playerpiano to execute a command on a keypress
  • uxn-binfmt: binfmt_misc handler for graphical varvara programs


  • p-boot-1.1-bootloader: p-boot for pinephone rev 1.1
  • p-boot-1.2-bootloader: p-boot for pinephone rev 1.2


  • guix-with-substitutes: modifies base services to add archive keys/substitutes
  • make-archive-ed25519: makes a filelike archive key
  • uxn-build-system: a build system for Uxntal programs