Minerva System frontend for Plan 9
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The Minerva System frontend for Plan 9 from Bell Labs

Lucas S. Vieira

#Wait, what?

Minerva System is an ERP-like system that uses microservices architecture and was built with the thought of modern cloud infrastructure in mind. It was developed specifically thinking about the usage of modern development and deployment techniques such as Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, gRPC and the Rust language. The Minerva System has no pretensions on being a commercial product, and should always be thought as an object of study ONLY. In other words, Minerva is a sandbox for experimentation, a sort of proof-of-concept.

This repository contains the frontend for accessing the Minerva System API, once it is deployed. Moreover, this is an interface specially tailored for the operating system Plan 9 -- or better, for 9front.

This frontend has some special remarks that highlight some features of Plan 9, including:

  • Extensive use of library microui, a library for building graphical applications on Plan 9 by using the C language;
  • Extensive use of webfs(4) as a way to perform REST requests to the Minerva API, with bearer token based authentication. This conforms to the idea of using files and filesystems to resources, instead of importing libraries where they are not necessarily needed;
  • Rapid development of a simple interface akin to minerva_tui, which does not compile on Plan 9, even though the Go language runs and compiles on Plan 9;
  • Maybe a proof-of-concept for studying the structure of the Plan 9 system, which has some interesting ideas, concepts and utilitaries that are and may be used on other systems.


screenshot of the Minerva System running on Plan 9



You may find some documentation for the Minerva System on this link though.


Thanks to sigrid for briliantly developing microui and to the 9front folks for proving that Plan 9 is still awesome.


This repository is distributed under the GPLv3 license. See LICENSE.txt for details.