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#What is this?

This is a simple tool to help productivity.


  • Rofi

#How to use it?

To install make install, then run it with pomodoro.

#How does it work?

pomodoro is a fairly simple shell script that will sleep for the time of the POMODORO_TIME, and at the end will pop a rofi screen that will ask you what you did and in which project. All this information will be saved in your $HOME/.config/pomodoro/worklog.csv, to later be seen with pomodoro-viewer.


  • If there is not a project in the rofi project window, just type a new one. That particular window just looks for the projects already typed so it help you not create typos.


  • [X] Create an optional argument to save how the tool was used? This was changed. Now one file to control everything.
  • [ ] Add a config file to control time, settings etc
  • [ ] In configuration, allow to write what to do before it starts