add: automatically change video0 permission
add: tip for openbsd 7.3
add: sadzoom to readme and makefile


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Scripts to make it easier to have videocalls in openbsd.


make install

You don't need to change the permission for /de/video0/, although it is easy:

doas chown $USER /dev/video0

This is automatically done for you ;]



Simple script to toggle video and camera for meeting in OpenBSD.

Just run lets-meet and let the magic happen.


Script that makes it possible to make a videocall with zoom. It enables WASM, run chrome, and when you close it, WASM will be disabled.

You can run sadzoom <url>, or if you have run make install, you can run sadzoom to open chrome.

Why chrome? Well, firefox outside of the box does not allow you to share screen while in video call. Chromium does.

Why sadzoom? Because you should be sad to use zoom as I am...


[x] improve speed for toggling on and off