Thách Thức E5Y, không phải chương trình Thách Thức E giấu tên
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#E5Y Final: Thách Thức E5Y, không phải chương trình Thách Thức E giấu tên

#Programmer: LTS20050703

#Design, User Interface & Experience: TwoQuantumBits

#Font: Hylia Serif

#License: Affero GNU Public License version 3

#Get started

  1. git clone https://git.sr.ht/~lts20050703/e5y-final
  2. cd e5y-final
  3. npm install --legacy-peer-deps
  4. npx vite --host
  5. Launch any chromium based browser with the following flags
  • --disable-background-timer-throttling: Disable timers being throttled in background pages/tabs
  • --disable-backgrounding-occluded-windows: Normally, Chrome will treat a 'foreground' tab instead as backgrounded if the surrounding window is occluded (aka visually covered) by another window. This flag disables that.
  • --disable-features=CalculateNativeWinOcclusion: Disable the feature of: Calculate window occlusion on Windows will be used in the future to throttle and potentially unload foreground tabs in occluded windows.
  • --disable-hang-monitor: Suppresses hang monitor dialogs in renderer processes. This flag may allow slow unload handlers on a page to prevent the tab from closing.
  • --disable-renderer-backgrounding: Thi s disables non-foreground tabs from getting a lower process priority This doesn't (on its own) affect timers or painting behavior.

For example, if you have installed Brave Browser:

  • Windows (powershell): & 'C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe' 'http://localhost:5173/' --disable-background-timer-throttling --disable-backgrounding-occluded-windows --disable-features=CalculateNativeWinOcclusion --disable-hang-monitor --disable-renderer-backgrounding

  • Linux (sh): /usr/bin/brave-browser 'http://localhost:5173/' --disable-background-timer-throttling --disable-backgrounding-occluded-windows --disable-features=CalculateNativeWinOcclusion --disable-hang-monitor --disable-renderer-backgrounding

Flags retrieved from https://github.com/GoogleChrome/chrome-launcher/blob/main/docs/chrome-flags-for-tools.md#task-throttling