Game server and client for a Miradelphia event
chore: Fix link to Miradelphia
license: thaar is released under the terms of the AGPLv3
chore: Add a README to explain how to create and launch a party


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thaar is a mini-game project for a Miradelphia event called Les grands jeux de Thaar, where gladiators from all around the world face each other on various fights.

How to play

First, you need to clone this repository.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~lthms/thaar

thaar is implemented in Elixir using the lkn framework. There is no system dependency, so starting the game server should be as simple as:

cd thaar
mix deps.get
iex -S mix

There is no admin panel of any sort, so creating and managing games is done via iex REPL

iex(1)> Thaar.Admin.start_link "test"

You can now connect clients to the party:

${BROWSER} "client.html#test"

You might need to update client.html to provide the correct websocket configuration, in case you have set up the server behind a http proxy such as nginx.

Once your players are ready, go back to iex REPL and fill the missing places with bots:

iex(2)> Thaar.Admin.spawn_bots "test"

You are ready to go! Start the party, and enjoy your players lose and win.

iex(3)> Thaar.Admin.start_party "test"