Add missing images
Add a draft for a log page
Renaming CL article, as there probably won't be others
Advertise about RSS and mailing list
Clean-up a bit the blog

Just keep the technical articles. We will find another way to announce
stuff online.
Add themes for coq and haskell articles
style: Convert default background into a jpg image
style: Use the FreeSpec theme for the research page
page: Introduce a page to explain what FreeSpec.Exec is
chore: Use the lkn theme for “My Lisp Journey #1”
page: Add a first draft of the lkn project page
fix: Pierre Chifflier url in the Research page
Compress the PNG of Merida to a saner size
Fix the use of the article title as the webpage title
Major redesign of the website
vendor: Update highlight.js
page: Update my emacs configuration
chore: Remove useless GHC pragma
fix: Improve wording in mailing list announcement
blog: Introducing this blog mailing list