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masterIncrease size of paragraph for small devicesThomas Letan13 days
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13 daysIncrease size of paragraph for small devicesHEADmasterThomas Letan
13 daysReduce margin between main and aside and fix main widthThomas Letan
2018-08-02Better responsive designThomas Letan
2018-08-02Fix a js TypeError on the indexThomas Letan
2018-08-01Make was failing on fresh reposThomas Letan
2018-08-01Allow for building the generator without optimizationThomas Letan
2018-08-01Fix the extension of emacs.dThomas Letan
2018-08-01Add a lang attribute to <html>Thomas Letan
2018-08-01Minor change to responsive viewThomas Letan
2018-08-01Simili-responsive designThomas Letan
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