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# Introduction

**keyr** (**key** **r**eporting) gathers a collection of tools to keep
track of your keystrokes. It is made of three software components:

  - `keyr-daemon` counts your keystrokes
  - `keyr-agent` keeps a detailed log of your keystrokes locally, and
    can be used to share this log remotely with an instance of
  - `keyr-hub` keeps a detailed log of your keystrokes count, hour
    by hour, and can be used to synchronize a shared counter among
    several computers; it is completely optional.

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## Unreleased Changes

This will be the first release of the `keyr` project.
This will be the first *alpha* release of the `keyr` project.

### `keyr-daemon`

- Use `libinput` to count keystrokes
- Create a UNIX socket (`/tmp/keyrd.socket`) to share this counter

### `keyr-agent`

- Add the `stage` command to fetch the current counter of `keyr-daemon`,
  and saves it locally in a “staging area”
- Add the `commit` command to push the staging area to a `keyr-hub` instance
- Add the `format` command to output the current keystroke counters
- Add the `revert` command to get back keystrokes statistics from a
  `keyr-hub` instance
- Use a Sqlite database as the persistent storage
- Configure the tool using a TOML configuration file

### `keyr-hub`

- Add a route to commit keystrokes statistics
- Add three routes to revert keystrokes statistics (i.e., sending it
  back to an agent)
- Add a route to fetch the keystrokes statistics of a given *visible*