A collection of mostly colorless themes for Emacs
More tweak to einkless
Make Org source block stand out a bit more
Further customization for Magit



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colorless-themes is a collection of “mostly colorless themes.” They are distributed under the terms of the GPL-3.0.

Currently, this repository features two themes available on Melpa:

  • nordless, dark and blue, inspired by nord
  • lavenderless, purple and mint, inspired by Lavender

In addition, it provides the following, additional themes:

  • broceliande, green and cyan
  • chocolateless, chocolate taste, inspired by chocolate
  • darkless, dark and white, inspired by nofrils, but with less colours
  • einkless, light theme, inspired by eink
  • hydrangealess, dark and magenta, inspired by hydrangea
  • nofrils-darkless, a clone of nofrils-dark
  • seagreenless, light and seagreen

If you want to report an issue, propose a patch to fix a glitch, or even propose new themes, feel free to do by sending an email to the colorless-dev mailing list.