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#Solar Witch

Solar Witch is a solar-powered, hand-coded server running on a Adafruit ESP32-S2 Feather. In its current incarnation, it uses a small 6V/2W solar panel, a LiIon battery, and a bq24074 power management board to stay awake, and is located in Cambridge, UK.

When Solar Witch is running (the best time to try is in the daytime!), it can be visited at https://witch.solar. If you visit between sunrise and sunset, you can send Solar Witch ephemeral messages. At sunset, all the previous messages for the day are deleted.

This repository contains the CircuitPython code which runs Solar Witch. It is a very simple ESP32 project to get up and running!


Solar Witch requires the following CircuitPython libraries to be present in a lib folder to run:

  • adafruit_httpserver
  • adafruit_datetime
  • adafruit_ntp