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### Websites

  alt="Screenshot of the Wettest 100 website"
  alt="Screenshot of Solar Witch"
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[Solar Witch](https://witch.solar) is a solar-powered, hand-coded server running on an ESP32 microcontroller. Leave messages there, and they will last for as long as the sun shines. ([Sourcehut](https://git.sr.ht/~lown/solar-witch))`C++, Python`

[The Wettest 100](https://wettest100.au) is a voting site for the [Wettest 100](https://instagram.com/wettest100) alternative Australian music poll. `Next.js, Sanity`

**Sweet** was an experimental, utopian social network. It featured directly democratic community management, inbuilt whisper network functionality, and an Android and iOS app. It ran from March 2019 to February 2022, and had over a thousand registered users. ([GitHub](https://github.com/lowercasename/sweet)). `Node.js, React Native, MongoDB`

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[Pointers](https://pointers.website) is a privacy-first link directory, designed for private or intimate links to share with trusted friends. It implements server-side encryption and, in the interest of future resilience, uses no client-side JavaScript. ([GitHub](https://github.com/lowercasename/pointers)) `Node.js, SQL`

  alt="Screenshot of HelloEdit"
  style="width: 300px; float: right;margin-bottom: 1rem; margin-left: 1rem;"

[HelloEdit](https://helloedit.raphaelkabo.com) is a Markdown editor disguised as a Macintosh Classic-era word processor. It is modelled on Macintosh System 7 and Microsoft Word 5.1. ([GitHub](https://github.com/lowercasename/helloedit)). `Node.js`

[Tiny Dungeon](https://tinydungeon.raphaelkabo.com) is a cute, minimalistic D&D combat tracker and dungeon map editor I made as a weekend Node.js project. ([GitHub](https://github.com/lowercasename/tinydungeon)). `Node.js`