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                <span class="career-position">Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Golang Developer <small>X5 Tech</small></span>
                <span class="date-range">Mar 2023 &ndash; present</span>
                    <li>Currently working as a DevSecOps engineer and Goland developer</li>
                    <li>Currently employed as a DevSecOps engineer and Go developer</li>
                    <li>Develop tools to integrate with DependencyTrack, DejectDojo, Sigstore, Solar appScreener and
                        other security-related systems

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                <dd><a rel="me" href="https://matrix.to/#/@krasovsky:envs.net">@krasovsky:envs.net</a></dd>
                <dd><a href="https://t.me/krasovsky">@krasovsky</a></dd>
                <dd><a href="/key.asc">4C738201BCF07EA0</a></dd>
                <dt>ipfs mirror</dt>
                <dd><a href="ipns://krasovsky.eth">krasovsky.eth</a></dd>

                I'm tech enthusiast from Russia, currently working as information security analyst and pentester at
                <a href="https://sovcombank.ru/">Sovcombank <abbr title="Public joint-stock company">PJSC</abbr></a>,
                also worked as Golang developer but <a href="https://github.com/L11R">still writing some code</a>.
                I'm tech enthusiast from Russia, currently working as Senior Software Engineer at
                <a href="https://ozon.tech/">Ozon Tech</a>, one of the biggest Western Europe e-commerce company.
                Feel free to write me a message or better just mention me at Mastodon.