My PhD thesis in Philosophy (University of Dundee)


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#Technologies in Practice - Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Technique

This git repo is a collection of plaintext versions of my PhD thesis.

I've left it here for posterity.

It was originally written in .docx format (unfortunately). I used pandoc to covert it to an org file and tidied it up a bit. I then used org-export to produce the various versions available here.

The bibliography section and all the footnotes/citations are hand-formatted, which isn't ideal. I may come back at some point in the future and try to automate these. I've also included a .bib file with the bibliographic information, but this was automatically generated and its consistency can't be guaranteed.

#Producing a pdf version

You can try using pdflatex on the .tex version of the thesis.

pdflatex Technologies-In-Practice.tex


As far as I (the author) am concerned, you are free to use any of the material in this repo under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence .

The original (official) version of this thesis is available under the British Library EThOS system or through the University of Dundee Discovery web portal.