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Neovim: your personalized development environment (pde) for Python


As developers continue to embrace Python for their projects, the need for a powerful, flexible, and efficient development environment has become increasingly important. Neovim is an open-source text editor designed to enhance the traditional Vim editor, providing a modern, extensible, and highly configurable tool for developers.

In this context, using Neovim as a Python development environment offers numerous benefits, such as keyboard driven development, streamlined workflows, and a range of plugins and extensions to enhance productivity. Neovim's modular architecture allows for customization, automation, and integration with other tools and frameworks.

The goal of this repo is to set you up with a minimal Neovim configuration with the beloved features like Python language support, autocompletion, testing, file navigation, among others.

#Project Structure

  • hpsort: example Python project to test editor functionality
  • nvim: base configuration that is loaded in the container



# Run the container environment
make run

# Start neovim which install plugins and then exit out with `:qa` [Docker] nvim

# Start neovim again - You should be fully setup! [Docker] nvim

Checkout nvim README to find out more about the configuration structure and available keybinds.


  • Spawning language server with cmd: pyright-langserver failed. The language server is either not installed, missing from PATH, or not exeecutable.: sometimes the language server is not completely setup. So run :Mason command to prompt installation. After the tools are installed, you can hit q to quit.