hypermedia-driven contact app
chore: increase the number of fixtures
feat: converge list and search functionality
feat: add pagination to contact list page


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#Hypermedia-Driven Contact Application (HDCA)

an application built on top of a hypermedia system that respects and utilizes the hypermedia functionality of that underlying system.

This repository hosts the source code for a simple contact management application based on the exercises from https://hypermedia.systems/book/contents/.

The roadmap of the project is to:

  1. build a simple application using Web 1.0 patterns;
  2. add reactivity to the website using htmx;
  3. incorporate hyperview for mobile clients.

My personal learning goals are:

  1. learn best practices of REST and building hypermedia driven architectures;
  2. gain practical, hands-on experience with htmx and hyperview;
  3. get more familiar with golang and its templating engine.