Helps you answer the question: am I the asshole?
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#👀 Am I the Asshole? (aita)

api nlp

#📦 Overview

Ever asked yourself, "Am I the asshole here?" This application helps you answer that. Based on the famous subreddit /r/AmItheAsshole, the goal of the app is to take a story yours and classify whether:

  • YTA: You're the Asshole
  • NTA: Not the Asshole
  • ESH: Everyone Sucks here
  • NAH: No Assholes here

#🛺 Roadmap

  • Develop API that fetches AITA posts from reddit ✔️
  • Create v1 text categorizer that predicts YTA/NTA ✔️
  • Develop v1 frontend that accepts a story and predict category 🚧
  • Add explainable AI that highlights why category was selected 🚧

#💻 Development

Define .env file in project root and supply reddit credential. Here is the official OAuth Guide from asyncpraw, the library used for fetching posts from reddit:

# need to generate your own OAuth credentials

Common commands are detailed in the projects Makefiles.

#‼️ Disclaimer

No data that you pass to Asshole Predictor will be saved. The model will only be trained on posts from /r/AmItheAsshole, which are monitored to prevent users from posting personally-identifying information like names, numbers, addresses, etc. Also, any model that is generated from this data is highly biased so don't take the response seriously.