Replacement for the Qt installer using only the command line. It's useful for CI configurations.
Try to make output visible in (Travis-)CI
Update usage output
Make compatible with Qt 5.9


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#Qt CLI installer

This is a simple script replacing the official graphical Qt installer. It can automatically download prebuilt Qt binaries for any target (you're not bound to Linux binaries on Linux; you could also download iOS binaries). Currently it's limited to Linux/OS X users, because it's just calling wget/7z via. os.system().

Dependencies: python3, wget, 7z

General usage looks like this:

./qli-installer.py <qt-version> <host> <target> [<arch>]

The Qt version is formatted like this: 5.11.3
Host is one of: linux, mac, windows
Target is one of: desktop, android, ios (iOS only works with mac host)
For android and windows you also need to specify an arch: win64_msvc2017_64, win64_msvc2015_64, win32_msvc2015, win32_mingw53, android_x86, android_armv7

Example: Installing Qt 5.12.0 for Linux:

./qli-installer.py 5.12.0 linux desktop

Example: Installing Android (armv7) Qt 5.10.2:

./qli-installer.py 5.10.2 linux android android_armv7

#To Do

  • [ ] Get rid of os.system; Use lzma and requests module.