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- Strings are now italic
- Numbers are more grey
- The README screenshot now shows numbers
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@@ 3,7 3,7 @@ This nanorc file adds syntax highlighting for the [Hare programming language](ht

It is as close as possible to the syntax highlighting of the website.

![A screenshot of a hello world program in nano](screenshot.png)
![A screenshot of a simple Hare program in nano](screenshot.png)
## How to use
Copy the nanorc file into `/usr/share/nano` and open a .ha file with nano.
## License

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@@ 13,8 13,8 @@ color lightyellow "@(fini|init|noreturn|offset|symbol|test)\>"
color cyan "\<(bool|char|f32|f64|false|i16|i32|i64|i8|int|null|nullable|rune|size|str|true|u16|u32|u64|u8|uint|uintptr|valist|void)\>"

# Strings and numbers
color pink "\".*\""
color green "[[:digit:]]+(.[[:digit:]]+)?(u|i|z|f32|f64|i16|i32|i64|i8|u16|u32|u64|u8)?"
color italic,pink "\".*\""
color slate "[[:digit:]]+(.[[:digit:]]+)?(u|i|z|f32|f64|i16|i32|i64|i8|u16|u32|u64|u8)?"
# Remove highlighting in variables and function calls
color normal "[[:alpha:]][[:digit:]]+.?"

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