v2.1 5 months ago

v2.1 - December 15th 2023

Two years ago, I started to modify AV-98 in order to browser Gemini

It is interesting to reflect on those last two years and look at what
this little experiment has become. A tool I use daily. In fact, on of my
main tools with Neovim and Neomutt. Also a community. People
contributing. Sending patches, bug reports or even thank you notes. A
few people hanging out on the offpunk:matrix.org room. I’m really
grateful for that and for all the people who make the Gemini-sphere

This 2.1 release is also a more relaxed release. The 2.0 release was
well received, widely packaged and has very few bugs (comparing to 1.0).

So nothing ground breaking but, besides a few bug fixed (including the
infamous gemini redirection bug), some little nice-to-have features.
Like highlighting "new links" in Gemini and RSS pages. I was unsure if
it would work, turns out that it is the best thing ever invented to read
Gemini Antenna or long RSS feeds.

Also added: "copy title" and "copy link", allowing you to quickly
reference a page in a personnal note or an email.

And, one day, I realized that I often wanted to know where a given link
was pointing to (a bit like hovering your mouse on a link in a
traditional browser). So I added a "view XX" where XX is the number of
the link.

What is really interesting with this feature is how I wrote it: I
realized I had a need, opened the offpunk.py, wrote a few lines of code
to test it and… that was it. No correction to do. It was good at the
very first try. Which is a testament to the fact that the 2.0
refactorisation was actually a good thing.

So, here is it, the 2.1 release. Enjoy!

Changelog since 2.0:
- freshly updated gemtext/rss links are highlighted ("new_link" theme option)
- offpunk : new "copy title" and "copy link" function
- offpunk : new "view XX" feature where XX is a number to view information about a link
- ansicat: added "--mode" option
- redirections are now reflected in links and the cache (bug #28)
- ansicat: avoid a crash when urllib.parse.urljoin fails
- offpunk: Fix a crash when gus is called without parameters (Von Hohenheiden)
- ansicat: fixed a crash when parsing wrong hidden_url in gemini (bug #32)
- offpunk: offpunk --version doesn’t create the cache anymore (bug #27)
- ansicat: fix a crash with HTML without title (bug #33)
- netcache: gemini socket code can crash when IPv6 is disabled (mailing-list)