v2.0-beta2 6 months ago

2.0-beta2 - November 8th 2023

Changes since beta1
- IMPORTANT: migrating from flit to hatchling (patch by Jean Abou Samra)
- "--sync" can optionnaly take some lists as arguments, in order to make for specific sync
- "view source" to view the source code of a page
- initial tentative to support podcasts in RSS/Atom feeds
- new PlaintextRenderer which display .txt files without any margin/color/linebreaks
- default URL blocked list is now its own file to make contributions easier
- prompt color is now part of the theme
- improves handling of base64 images
- fixes gophermap being considered as gemtext files
- fixes opening mailto links
- fixes existing non-html ressources marked a to_fetch even when not needed (simple and/or confusion)
- fixes a crash with RSS feeds without <link> element
- fixes a crash with data:image/svg+xml links
- fixes a bug in HTML renderer where some hX element were not closed properly
- fixes input in Gemini while online
- fixes a crash with invalid URL
- fixes a crash while parsing invalid dates in RSS
- fixes hang/crash when meeting the ";" itemtype in gopher
- attempt at hiding XMLparsedAsHTMLWarning from BS4 library
- chafa now used by default everywhere if version > 1.10
- ignoring encoding error in ansicat