v2.0 3 months ago

Version 2.0 - November 16th 2023

Offpunk 2.0 is a major stepstone as it breaks the "one-file-app"
paradigm. Offpunk is now splitted in several components usable as
standalane tools:
- netcache, to cache or access networked ressource
- ansicat, to render HTML/gemtext/image and other format in plain ANSI
  coloured text
- opnk, to open any file or url in less if possible or fallback to
- offpunk

Starting with 2.0, offpunk is now licensed undes the AGPL license as a
symbol to support the copyleft philosophy.

Changes since 1.10
- IMPORTANT: Licence has been changed to AGPL for ideological reasons
- IMPORTANT: Contact adress has been changed to offpunk2 on the same domain (because of spam)
- IMPORTANT: code has been splitted into several differents files.
- IMPORTANT: migrating from flit to hatchling (patch by Jean Abou Samra)
Major features:
- New command-line tool: "netcache"
- New command-line tool: "ansicat"
- New command-line tool: "opnk"
- "theme" command allows customization of the colours
- "--config-file" allows to start offpunk with custom config (#16)
- "view source" to view the source code of a page
- introduced the "default_protocol" options (default to gemini)
- Reading position is saved in less for the whole session
- Rendering is cached for the session, allowing faster browsing of a page already visited
- "redirect" supports domains starting with "*" to also block all subdomins
- "--images-mode" allow to choose at startup which images should be dowloaded (none,readable,full)
- Support for embedded multi-format rendering (such as RSS feeds with html elements)
- The cache is now automatically upgraded if needed (see .version in your cache)
- Images of html files are now downloaded with the html (slower sync but better reading experience)
- "--sync" can optionnaly take some lists as arguments, in order to make for specific sync
- initial tentative to support podcasts in RSS/Atom feeds
Other notable changes from 1.X:
- "accept_bad_ssl_certificates" now more agressive for http and really accepts them all
- Gopher-only: we don’t support naming a page after the name of the incoming link
- Gemini-only: support for client generated certificates has been removed
- "file" is now marked as a dependency (thank Guillaume Loret)