v1.9 1 year, 2 months ago

 1.9 - March 8th 2023

This is a bug-fixing release.
- We now have a man page thanks to phoebos!
- ".." as abbreviation to "up" (by Sotiris Papatheodorou)
- Fix support for UTF-8 domains in Gemini (Maeve Sproule, fixes #5)
- Assume UTF-8 when the header answer with an unknown encoding
- Default handlers have been removed (not everybody use feh and zathura)
- Fix a crash when subscribing without GI (reported by sodimel on linuxfr)
- Fix a crash when trying to access a link without GI (Ben Winston)
- Fix a crash when rss items don’t have a title (eg: Mastodon rss)
- Fix a crash with badly formatted links in gopher ( #7 by xiu)
- Fix a crash were some HTML content is seen a bytes instead of a string
- Fix a crash when displaying embedded CDATA html in feed. But #10 is still open.
- Fix error handling assuming that requests is installed
- Ugly fix for a rare certificate bug (fix #11)
- Improve compatibility with python prior 3.9 by replacing a dict union