v1.8 1 year, 5 months ago

1.8 - December 11th 2022

- Official URL is now https://sr.ht/~lioploum/offpunk/
- SECURITY: Avoid passing improperly-escaped paths to shell (fixes notabug #9) (by Maeve Sproule)
- Add support for the finger protocol (by Sotiris Papatheodorou)
- "restricted" mode has been removed because unmaintained (code cleanup)
- "set accept_bad_ssl_certificates True" allows to lower HTTPS SSL requirements (also with --assume-yes)
- Accept "localhost" as a valid URL
- Better feedback when --sync an URL which is streaming
- Removed cgi dependency (soon deprecated)
- Fix: crash with some svg data:image (which are now ignored)
- Fix images from "full" mode not being downloaded
- Fix a crash when ls on empty page (thanks Marty Oehme)
- Fix: A variable was not initialised without python-cryptography
- Fix: "cp raw" was not accessing the temp_file correctly
- Fix: ANSI handling off arrows in readline (by Ben Winston)